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Don't let your property be held back by low quality photography

Agents and investors will agree, most house or rental shoppers will decide to look at a house or book a rental based on the pictures they see of the property online primarily. Many won't even read the rental listing before deciding to book. High quality photos will:

-Save you time, by providing a better presentation to sell your property more quickly.
-Help you get better quality renters, as you'll have more views and inquiries and can be more picky about who you let stay
-Increase your income as your listing will be more appealing to a greater number of shoppers

Basis real estate photography packages start at $150 - inquire below to get started, or call 480-398-0858 and speak to Andrew!

When you schedule a photo shoot with The Milestone Elite you are purchasing a non-transferable, non-exclusive image use license for the photos.

Here's a video example of editing I do to bring out the best potential in your property:

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